Dynamic/Dial-Up IPs

Recently, it has come to my attention that some email servers are rejecting email from the email server for hardcorehackers.com and rcbbx.org because they are using a blacklist that claims the IP address of this email server is dynamic.

This is unfortunate because not only is the IP address of this email server not dynamic, but these email servers are blocking legitimate email. As the system administrator and owner of hardcorehackers.com, I go to great pains to try to insure that my servers and domains are never abused; more specifically, I try to make sure the email server is not an open proxy, and when sending mailings due to mailing lists, I use an opt-in method for the mailing lists.

How can you fix this? If you are an email server administrator, do not use blacklists that are based on invalid data, such as those that claim to only list dynamic IP addresses. If you are a user, petition your email server administrator to not block emails based on incorrect data, or to add the IP address of mail.hardcorehackers.com and mail.rcbbx.org to their email server's whitelists.

If you would like to get in touch with me, send an email to the Post Master at Hard Core Hackers dot com.