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Nathan's Humble Homepage

Quote of the moment:

The current situation in the mobile phone market isn't very flattering
if you care about standardization and openness. Basically every
manufacturer has their own proprietary platform. If you want to extend
your mobile phone with new features and software you are generally
dependable solely on the phone manufacturer itself. The vision behind
OpenMoko describes a completely different world. It is a world where
there is a common standard platform for mobile phones which is open and
therefore friendly to developers. It is a world where once you buy your
phone you can install or remove software from it as you wish,
customizing the phone and its capabilities in much the similar manner
you can customize your PC. It is a world which is, thanks to the
visionaries and enthusiasts behind the OpenMoko project, near.
    -- "Forget iPhone, hail OpenMoko, the true revolution" article

Not much here right now. If you want to see the really cutting edge stuff, check out my website, Hard Core Hackers. See my résumé for my contact information.

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