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Nathan's Humble Homepage

Quote of the moment:

By making Heaven is for Real all about the haters it becomes a
self-fulfilling prophecy. You believe your kid went up to Heaven and
came back? Cool, man. Fine by me. Like I said, I even want to believe.
Yet the movie obsesses over this conspiracy to deny Todd Burpo's
beliefs, when even in the Burpo-authored movie reality, the only reason
anyone thinks about them at all is that he never shuts up about them.

The perfect scene is when Todd first becomes convinced that his son has
been to Heaven. His evidence for this is that Colton describes scenes he
couldn't possibly have witnessed in real life, like Todd yelling at God
while Colton was on the operating table, and Colton meeting his
miscarried sister his parents never told him about, and describing a
great grandfather who died 30 years before he was born (though, to be
fair, the kid didn't even describe the grandfather, Todd just pulled out
a picture of the dude and Colton said "yeah that's him."). Todd is
struggling, so he finds a psychiatrist at the local university to ask
for a second opinion. Could it be real?? Am I crazy?? He briefly lays
out his case, asking "How can you explain this?"

The psych patiently offers a couple reasonable explanations, like the
history of "out-of-body" hallucinations, and that maybe the kid was just
imagining things he has seen his parents do. The key word being
"offers." She doesn't push any of them on him, he just asks her for a
possible explanation and she provides it. Nonetheless, Todd immediately
jumps up from his chair asking, "Why is it so hard for you to admit you
don't have an explanation for this?" and storms off.
    -- from a review of "Heaven Is For Real"

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